How Salons & Stylists Can Improve Customer Experience using Social Media

We all love happy clients right? We also love using social media as well, right? Who wouldn’t love using social media because not only because it is free to use, but it is a great way to connect with current and future salon customers. And in order for us to have happy clients we have to give them an awesome customer experience and this includes ... read more

Sharing Is Caring And Now, Your Clients Can Share Your Listing On Facebook & Twitter After Booking An Appointment With You

We have made another update to our platform to make it easy for your clients to share your listing with their friends on Facebook & Twitter after booking an appointment. So now, they can easily share & tweet that they have just booked an appointment with you and the posts include links back to your listing page so that their friends, your friends ... read more Makes It Easy To Target New Clients For Salons & Stylist Using The Power Of Twitter

As we continue to improve our product and make it easier to market yourself on online by connecting to Twitter and Facebook, we introduce a new feature that will take your marketing to new levels.  Now, you can target new clients using the power of Twitter using  What this means is, you can easily filter through all of the noise of Twitter ... read more